Slow Fashion- welcome to Maae Studios

The designer and founder of Maae Studios, is Christina. She is a highly motivated and extremely passionate fashionista – in the good way. She has worked in the fashion industry for more than 18 years. She has for a long time wanted to start a quality clothing brand, that makes sense for the climate demands and the consumer. Slow Fashion is the future!

“The idea of 2 brands is that tweens (8-14yrs), are not children or adults, but between. They are reflected in the adult and teenage world, but can’t really find their style or find sizes that fit their “pre-teen body.” “Maae Tween” is the name of the Tween brand.

We are designing delicious, quality outfits for tweens, but also for style-conscious women, who want to make a change in the world and in their own buying behavior, for the better. The brand name for women/female is “Maae“.

Here, Maae Studios has made a concept- Mirror Me, is the name, and is the reflection of the Female fashion scene, and the Tween world, with some similar designs and qualities in the designs.

“We can change the world” is the main statement and ground statement for Maae Studios designs- vision- packing climate friendly.

We, at Maae Studios want to make a difference in the way we, as fashion consumers think. The phenomenon “Buy and throw out” is a behaviour in general, our climate can’t manage. Therefore, Slow Fashion is a must. The styles produced today must be sustainable, and well thought out in quality and fit, so that it lasts long and has a great opportunity to become part of re-shopping. “

All sales of Maae Studios 2 brands, take place online, here at this webshop, and through Social Media, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Here on the site, you will find everything from the latest trends in fashion for women – and also your tweens – just as you can follow my blog posts, where we discuss tips for trendy styling.

Enjoy ..

Christina Maae

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